The protection and safety of persons is a sector demanding specific training and specialization. We have certified professional bodyguards for personal guard who may undertake the personal security of high risk persons, in accordance with the international safety standards.

“Executive Protection Specialists” TEAM

Our vision is to become one of the most reliable and renowned VIP guarding and security services provision companies.

In addition, ACTION ZEUS SECURITY GROUP aims to be the leading Strategic Partners of its Clients, capable of effectively contributing to their safety. The mission of ACTION ZEUS SECURITY GROUP lies on provision of high level and reliable service in the VIP Guarding and Safety sector, in order to become one of the leading companies in its field in terms of quality.

Through our uncompromised commitment to professionalism and excellence, we, in ACTION ZEUS SECURITY GROUP have developed and present the “Executive Protection Specialists” team.

Our team, “EP” Specialists consists of people with high level of expertise, trained in prevention and capable of responding to a wide range of personal protection challenges anywhere and anytime they are needed. We focus on active and passive measures for protection of people and assets, minimizing the dangers for our customers. Protection services are performed in a discreet a low profile way but always at top level of performance.

Expertise, experience, professionalism and discretion are some terms synonymous to our team’s services.

The fact that even more people entrust us with their personal, family and professional safety every day is a special honor and responsibility.