Private investigators must be observant and highly analytical. Often referred to as private detectives, these professionals use a range of surveillance and investigation techniques to gather information about a case. These professionals carry  special licenses for the specific profession, which allow them to work closely with police services, private companies, organizations, as well as individual clients.

The vast majority of a private investigator’s work involves gathering and searching for information. This can be achieved through computer searches, surveillance systems, interviews and secret meetings. Private investigators can also conduct surveillance and closed criminal investigations. They may also be called upon to look into cases of insurance fraud and employee compensation. In these cases, they may spend a significant amount of time monitoring suspects for the collection of photographic material and recorded data.

A private Action Zeus investigator can effectively collect and analyze information about a case, which may include:

  • Conduct of secret investigations
  • Perform monitoring activities
  • Documentation and reporting of the results of the research process
  • Interviewing people
  • Provision of security services
  • Locating missing persons
  • Court testimonies

Although they are not government agents, the information collected by private investigators can later be used for criminal investigations. For this reason, our company’s private investigators comply with all the necessary and institutionalized rules for the collection and publication of evidence.

Education, training and certification

The whole team of Action Zeus private investigators consists of well-trained and certified professionals who possess all the necessary knowledge of Criminal Law and with proven experience in private investigation cases. The significant work experience of our researchers, with significant successes in various areas of law enforcement and criminal justice, make our team the most reliable solution in private investigation services. In addition, the certifications and state licenses of our professionals ensure the full transparency of our services, always respecting the legal parameters and regulations of the country.

A strong and reliable professional detective will ensure that all your problems are solved. The investigator will provide the evidence you need to take the next steps in dealing with your case, answering any possible questions that remain unanswered. So if you need help to connect the “pieces of the puzzle”, then hiring a private investigator from our company is a good investment.

Whether your case is a Civil, Criminal or Labor Law case, our professional investigators will work with you to get the answers you need. Our private investigators stand out for their emphasis on detail, their legal commitment and the strict protection of your privacy. Trust Action Zeus’ private investigation team today for all your cases.