We provide high standard foot patrol services, focusing on selecting, training and supervising our staff.

The main reason of high standard foot patrol is to make sure that facilities under supervision by security guard are safe.

Patrolling is a fundamental procedure for security, aiming to prevent, track down criminal acts, unauthorized activity as well as security issues.

According to his/her experience, a professional guard must assess the gravity of a situation at all times by paying attention to details that count.

Our objective is always the patrol zone’s safety, protection, integrity while respecting the personal and collective rights of the people in the area and the people that undergo checks.

  • Supervision of a facility’s interior
  • Control of gathering areas
  • Protection of a facility’s perimeter from possible trespassing
  • Circulation control of assets, equipment and products within the facilities
  • Entrance-exit control in limited access and maximum security areas within the facility, with the capacity of immediate and automatic response
  • Engine rooms and electrical power production or air conditioning facilities
  • Electrical facilities, water provision, gas, natural gas or other energy type plants
  • Computerized, phone or other wired communications facilities
  • Sewage and biological purification facilities
  • Sports and recreation areas
  • Exterior and interior parking lots
  • Staircases, corridors and emergency exits should not be blocked in case of emergency or evacuation of the building
  • The clients’ room doors, the basement, offices, stores and other special areas must be properly secure.