Immediate Response

This service is provided every time there is an alarm signal in the guarded area. Our company’s patrol vehicle rushes in the area where the signal has been received and checks the reasons the alarm was activated.

In case they detect threat or violation in the area safety, the personnel in service proceeds to a series of actions aiming to protect the area.

These actions include:

  • Immediate information collection.
  • Direct report to Executives and competent Law Enforcement Forces.
  • Efforts to prevent danger in any possible and legal means.

The response from our patrol vehicles is essential:

  • We use uniformed guards and immediate response officers
  • We proceed to checks for possible intrusions, malfunctions or indications of break-ins or forced entrance
  • We convert your facilities to maximum security areas
  • We collaborate with security executives and emergency authorities
  • We check your area, confront any sort of event and we leave when we are certain that you are “absolutely safe”.

ACTION ZEUS SECURITY GROUP, wanting to make an even more secure system, has organized the Emergency Response department. The Emergency Response service is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and relieves subscribers of the need to find out why it was activated. the alarm.