In a world surrounded by risk, various security companies are constantly looking for ways to improve the way they meet the needs of their customers. In this effort to improve the services offered they use the evolution of technology and more specifically of information systems, to increase the efficiency of the protection they provide.

Action Zeus, a company that keeps up with the development of technological media, takes advantage of the widespread use of the internet and applications in modern mobile phones, to increase the efficiency and immediacy of its services.

Our company manages all the details of its subscriptions, through the iAlert application, always knowing and protecting the personal data of all our customers, through a more special and personalized service. By using this software, our company has a 24-hour continuous connection with its customers, but also with specialized and authorized authorities, for incidents of disruption and risk of private security, medical care and the various natural disasters that may occur at any time. The existence of this software came to give more control to the customer himself but also to increase the range of services available in an emergency.

So we are talking about an innovative application that offers 24-hour protection to users, preventing many unpleasant incidents in time, before they expand and cause unpleasant consequences for you and your private property. Whatever situation you face, calling for help is easier than ever.

Through the iAlert application, you now have the ability to send manual or automated alarm signals to our company’s KLS, which in turn will detect your problem and send you the necessary protection or care service for your case. Our specialized and well-trained staff will be on constant alert, to offer you immediate advice and solutions to the problems that concern you, sending your signal to the competent authorities of the area.

Customers using the application will have access to various support and help lines in matters of personal safety, fire safety and extreme weather events. In addition, the health care services included in the use of this application, include health support, medical care, as well as finding a safe place and accommodation.