In order to prepare a Security Plan in any building installation, the corresponding Vulnerability Study must be carried out. The Vulnerability Study will significantly affect the degree of prevention and deterrence of threats within the security of an installation.

Vulnerability means the indicator of the qualitative and quantitative determination of the vulnerabilities of an installation, whether we are talking about the computer network, or the power generation network, etc., in relation to their ability to operate efficiently against a high risk situation.

Assessing the vulnerability of an installation is an important approach to man-made and environmental factor management, which is why all modern scientific, management and legislative practices have focused on enforcing specific actions and research to calculate it.

The objective of security studies conducted by our company Action Zeus is the prevention of possible threats and attacks on your buildings, by terrorist groups, by persons of organized crime, as well as by persons with mental disorders.

We submit to you our financial offer on the free security study of your space, which we present to you at the special facilities of our company, informing you of all possible costs of securing and protecting you from external threats.


  • Checking the vulnerability of your building infrastructure (group, companies, private homes, etc.) and submitting practical proposals to improve safety and eliminate potential risks.
  • Special study on the monitoring systems of your facilities and submission of new proposals for the improvement and development of your existing infrastructure.
  • Design a security program for your building structures and reorganize the governing rules and directions.

All inspections and improvement proposals submitted by our company Action Zeus are based on the existing instructions and directions of international security organizations, regarding the implementation and application of specific study actions.