Having specially trained guards and vehicles with modern equipment, ACTION ZEUS SECURITY GROUP undertakes patrol of your area or areas as well as defined zones (e.g. settlements, neighborhoods, industrial zones, luxury residential complexes etc.).

Patrol provides:

  • Perimeter investigation (4 patrols) by the company’s car and personnel for detection of third party malicious movements.
  • Trespassing indications at the guarded area.
  • Tracking of possible technical or physical issue.

Patrols implemented using the company’s vehicles check the area in random time sequences, certifying their presence and control via a Portable Electronic Control System and a special card placed in the area.

Our company’s operations center is in direct contact with the vehicle and the officer. Time, location, event and any other element required is registered by our center so that you may have a detailed view of patrols.

If having a permanent personal guard seems a costly solution, patrols are an ideal alternative plus an affordable one.