Installing a Security System means your area is converted to 100% violation-free spot, just by connecting the system to a reliable Signal Reception Center. The latter is the one that constantly monitors proper operation of your system and informs the competent authorities, you and your relatives in case of danger.


The continuous and coordinated efforts by ACTION ZEUS SECURITY GROUP to be up to date with the technological development and to operate a modern audio and visual signal reception center, combined with investments that have been already made for this reason, while planning for the future, significantly contribute to its operation and your safety.


The Audio and Visual Signal Reception Center of ACTION ZEUS SECURITY GROUP is equipped with the most sophisticated machinery on the market in terms of security. It has digital, analogue and VoIP (Voice over IP) phone lines and it is connected to the internet with the highest speeds available. It also possesses large quantity, high speed leased lines by 4 different carriers, one of which is international and one internet connection via mobile. It monitors, controls and records thousands of signals from alarms and CCTV systems installed in the areas of the company’s clients on a 24-hour basis, 365 days a week. Those incoming signals are processed and used by the trained staff of ACTION ZEUS SECURITY GROUP which has been specialized in the high security sector, via a cutting-edge computerization system.

Abiding by its philosophy for integrated and top-notch provision of security services, ACTION ZEUS SECURITY GROUP, harmonized with the most advanced requirements, offers its clients services such as:

Alarm Visual Confirmation

The alarm visual confirmation is performed by the audio and visual signal reception center, via which ACTION ZEUS SECURITY GROUP monitors online your business via the INTERNET. Thus, we are able to maintain visual contact with your area when an alarm is activated, mainly during the hours the business is closed or when it operates, and we receive a danger signal from the theft button. The image we receive is recorded in our computers and in some cases, we give a copy to the Police, in case we are asked to. We are one of the few companies that combine an alarm situation with visual confirmation, by possessing a video with reason that caused the alarm to activate.

Immediate Response

It is a service that sends a patrol vehicle as soon as possible for every alarm signal received by a system connected to the Audio and Visual Signals Reception Center, every day, 365 days a year. Vehicles are fully equipped and manned by uniformed security personnel, guided by the operations center of ACTION ZEUS SECURITY GROUP via UHF radio, where all the necessary details are given, in order to perform a full and rapid check in the guarded area. The guards have an excellent knowledge of the city and suburbs. A modern Global Positioning System (GPS) installed in the patrol vehicle assists them in tracking the area needing immediate response.