Surveillance and recording systems or CCTV (Closed-Circuit Television), is a system that allows you to watch what is happening in and around your private or professional space. The mounted cameras and monitors allow you to view the events live in your space and then record them in a recording file, which is accessible to you. But you should not misinterpret the use of a CCTV monitor with an ordinary TV. This screen does not receive content that is broadcast on a public scale – it only accepts video from security cameras, which are installed in the premises of the respective space.

This CCTV technology has been around for decades, but the rapid and significant improvements that have been made in recent years make it even more effective in catching and locating criminals during their act and bringing them to justice. However, the specific monitoring and recording systems are also applied for the prevention and deterrence of other important incidents in your private or professional space. Let’s see them in detail:

Crime Management

Surveillance through a CCTV system can prevent potential criminals from removing or damaging your own property. When a crime occurs, videos can help law enforcement and provide evidence for a possible investigation. In conjunction with a CCTV system, audio, thermal and other types of sensors can alert company employees to incidents that are unusual, e.g. an incident of fire or shooting. For businesses, CCTV cameras can detect and monitor criminal activity at home and abroad effectively. Mainly security cameras offer visual contact in areas that are not easily accessible and controlled.

Disaster Management

Using CCTV cameras, emergency services and rescue workers can be alerted in a timely manner to prevent a possible disaster or loss and watch real-time events to broadcast a video situation to disaster management teams.

Medical monitoring and diagnosis

CCTV cameras can monitor patients or vulnerable age groups, for example children or the elderly, who may need to be under medical supervision in an area. The use of this system in combination with smart monitoring software, can lead to the prevention of a serious medical episode, protecting the health and physical integrity of a person.

As you can understand, each person and each space has its own peculiarities, which require special treatment and the study of installing a security system. That is why every proposal of our company is adapted to your special needs. The quality of the products and services we provide is our main feature. We choose products of the company HIKVISION, the largest manufacturer of security systems in the world, to offer you the peace and security that so many of you are looking for for your space. Sophisticated IP cameras, state-of-the-art analog cameras and drones, impressive recorders and all the necessary peripherals will detect any form of danger.

For every installation of a CCTV system, we provide you with the service of remote camera surveillance for life! Now with the valuable help of ACTION ZEUS SECURITY GROUP and the modern monitoring systems at its disposal, the risk can be detected and avoided, immediately, effectively and targeted.