Anti-ballistic protection is achieved through the use of anti-ballistic cloths that are widely used by the various security forces, such as the police, the fire brigade and the army, among others. These anti-ballistic products, through their durable fabric, offer effective protection in the event of dangerous collisions, shootings, knife attacks, etc. In particular, bulletproof vests are designed to dissipate the rotating energy caused by the bullet and minimize a possible shooting wound. Hard armored vests are made of reinforced steel plates that offer an excellent shield of protection. But these steel plates turn it into a heavy and cumbersome addition to your equipment. Of course the steel material is not impermeable, because there is some ammunition that can penetrate the steel material.

The most advanced production vests, use for coating durable but at the same time light and composite materials from ceramic and titanium, in order to offer more freedom of movement, without the excessive weight of the hard armored vests. This “lighter” shield is not as strong as those of heavier armor vests, but they offer greater protection against wear and tear. They are usually made of Kevlar fibers. As with shielding and shielding a hard-wearing vest, the durable layers of Kevlar material can deform the incoming sphere, reducing the impact energy with its surface and thus protecting your vital organs.

However, there are the so-called hidden vests which are designed according to the thinnest and most flexible requirements, while providing the user with proven protection in accordance with official rules and applicable safety standards. These vests allow the user to hide from third parties that they are equipped with body armor.

Our company ACTION ZEUS SECURITY GROUP selects the products of the company ELMON for the safety and protection of human life. We have chosen this cooperation, because ELMON has been for years the leading company providing Integrated Defense Systems and products that meet the requirements of national defense and security. They specialize in the design, development and implementation of quality solutions for body shielding, of all security bodies worldwide. The great know-how and the dynamic set of people with many years of experience in the defense industry, is reflected in the products created by them to protect the enormous value of human life. Get today the highest level of protection that faithfully follows international standards and responds worthily to any kind of threat.

The ability to protect yourself from potential dangers is a virtue.