The guarantee of the quality of our services consisted by our specially trained human resources

The education and training of our employees is done on a daily basis, so that all their actions are in line with the security regulations of our company.The employees of the company are given the opportunity to attend special security seminars, as well as to obtain a certification for practicing the profession and the use of its special equipment. In this way, our professionals acquire all that technical training to manage all possible crises that will occur during the safekeeping of your facilities.The large team of professionals of our company can be proven to deal with multiple emergencies of violations and burglaries, something that clearly proves the readiness of our staff.

A team with a renewed mentality, high educational background and youth, offers innovative solutions in the field of private security and protection, with hundreds of collaborations and successes.The people who are invited to join the constantly evolving team of Action Zeus are selected with strict criteria, having of course provided all the necessary documents and certifications required. These individuals should be characterized by professional consistency, dedication and passion for the subject matter.Through an inextricable selection process of our employees and their ongoing training, we can guarantee the quality of our services offered.

The main criteria of our choices are the professionalism and decency of the candidates.Our company’s highly trained surveillance guards can respond effectively to incidents that occur outside the planned framework.The continuous monitoring and protection of your facilities, has turned us into experts in the study and analysis of the vulnerabilities of your space, identifying and resolving possible security gaps in your professional or private space.Through the analytical capacity of ACTION ZEUS SECURITY GROUP for the various security incidents, we are given the opportunity to anticipate and prevent future unwanted breaches.

The selection of the appropriate staff ensures the highest percentage of achievement of our goal so that the employees, who perform functions that affect the quality of the security services offered, meet the appropriate conditions and your requirements.