Our Staff

Our company specializes in the physical security field and particularly in projects requiring a high degree of security. Through constant briefing and training of our experienced staff, through market research, evaluation of studies in terms of security and through constant monitoring of specific needs concerning provision of security services we are able to achieve it. Thus, we can undertake and provide specialized security services of the highest level.

As a modern and customizable security services provision company, ACTION ZEUS SECURITY GROUP will respond social needs, both current and future.

We possess the potential as well as the specialized knowledge and will to achieve this.

It goes without saying that the human factor is critical in security projects. The quality and interest of human resources are they key to success. Any technical means, no matter how modern, are not enough. In ACTION ZEUS SECURITY GROUP, we emphasize on professionalism and conduct of our human resources.

ACTION ZEUS SECURITY GROUP is staffed by employees and executives with many years of experience and knowledge.


ACTION ZEUS SECURITY GROUP consists of employees and executive directors with many years of experience and knowledge. The quality of human resources is one of our most competitive advantages. It stands out for the excellent performance and keenness of its uniformed personnel which is systematically evaluated on a daily basis.

Our human resources meets our quality standards, designed to provide real services and value to our clients. Our greatest attribute is the essential specialization we give to our staff as well as to the instruments we use, to a point where we may certify that these capabilities are used daily at work.

ACTION ZEUS SECURITY GROUP forms a working environment characterized by safety, equity, stability and commitment of its employees to the corporate values.

The Company’s human resources consists of people with specialized knowledge and expertise, as well as involvement to different fields and sectors.The main ambition for ACTION ZEUS SECURITY GROUP is to operate with a sense of responsibility and consistency for our customers as well as to remain their first choice throughout their career path.We are always on your side and we effectively support your professional development.