The solutions we apply are based on modern technologies and discrete methods.

Each new project is treated with the particularity it deserves and has both our attention and sense of responsibility since the very first moment.

We pay attention to our clients’ needs, we “search” all data in order to provide solutions tailored to their real needs and we convert it to the final and precious service, always at the best quality/price ratio, with a constant tendency of self-improvement.

The moment since the first contact of our client with our security executive, marks the beginning of recording and observation procedure for all aspects of his/her operation, in order to create written procedures.

At the same time, we run the evaluation of all existing procedures or guidelines and we study the facility’s vulnerability. All these, together with the emergency situation plans, will create the guarding manual of the said project.

Hikvision – Paxton collaboration for ANPR solutions

Hikvision, one of the leading suppliers of innovative products and video surveillance globally, is pleased to announce its successful integration of the automatic license plates recognition to the Net2 access control system by Paxton, providing a plethora of advantages to the end users.

This collaboration combines the know-how and knowledge of Hikvision and Paxton, upgrading the ANPR solution and providing a whole new experience.

“The state-of-the-art Net2 provides flexibility in both set up and installation and we believe that it is an integrated solution that fully meets your needs”.

Video Analytics

The video analytics technology significantly contributes to ensure a more efficient control of the surveilled areas by adding artificial intelligence characteristics to closed circuit television (CCTV) applications.The video analytics systems’ innate ability is to timely point out any suspicious behavior, to support the security personnel so that it reacts immediately, to prevent suspicious events from becoming dangerous and to rapidly reevaluate – analyze recorded videos in order to track suspicious events.The use of such systems may help to avoid large losses and damages as well as gain precious conclusions by analyzing the statistical data.


Video Analytics (or VCA) provide the ability of monitoring large areas with automatic notifications for events that are sent to the control center.It is impossible for guards to be everywhere simultaneously and they usually discover the issue too late, when the damage has been caused and invaders have escaped.By using a reliable VCA (Video Content Analysis) system, the whole area is monitored at the same time as the intelligent algorithms automatically create events in case of violation.

Auto Early Warning (AEW)

For areas within the perimeter, limited access areas (during night and/or day), for buildings, offices, warehouses entrances or for areas with important and expensive equipment, the rotating cameras with integrated loudspeakers for pre-recorded messages, are a new and extremely useful tool without significant costs. They are the mobile Auto Early Warning cameras, embedded with:

  1. Video Analytics algorithms for controlled zone trespass detection by a person
  2. Integrated white LEDs that are activated when a monitored zone is trespassed
  3. Integrated loudspeaker
  4. Green Laser for the offender’s intimidation
  5. Auto-Tracking and automatic target monitoring as it moves away from the area.

Automatic Number Plate Recognition at entrance/exit gates and parking spaces

The Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) or License Plate Recognition (LPR) is a technology tested and used with high degree of success and accuracy in many facilities throughout the world.A full ANPR software completely manages data, providing the user the possibility to create number plates whitelists/blacklists, to calculate the time a vehicle spends in the parking lot, to create special conditions where a car will be allowed to enter or exit through the gate and of course to create automations and warnings in case something does not fall within the security plan.

During the last years, there has been a huge development in their accuracy and efficiency, while their cost is also incomparably more affordable.

In specific, some systems that use only Face Detection & Capture in conjunction with smart Face Search (in one or multiple cameras simultaneously), apart from the fact that they are more affordable, they have no legal issues with personal data protection authority.

With Face Search, we perform an automatic search of a person in the video recorded by our cameras, without knowing his/her name or other personal data.

Any persons recorded are not saved in combination with the name.

QR-Patrol: An online patrol management system

QR-Patrol is an online patrol monitoring system based on the use of NFC labels and QR-codes. The security personnel scans the NFC or QR-codes installed in buildings per areas via smartphone and the Notification Center receives immediate update for each new event in the corresponding guarded area. Every time a guard scans a label, the information is transferred through a cloud center at the Control Center and the monitoring staff completely controls the assets of each customer in any place around the world.

Each guard performing a patrol now has the advantage of this unique technology in hand. Via mobile application, a guard may efficiently organize each particular detail of his/her daily work. At the same time, he/she is able to immediately create event reports and attach photos, text messages, voice messages as well as his/her personal signature.

QR-Patrol MARS

QR-Patrol MARS is a mobile application specifically designed to enable management and monitoring of patrols via mobile phone. No matter your location (office, home, exterior etc.), you may simply open the application in your smartphone and have complete control over the security personnel’s movements as well as the areas that must be protected.

By using QR-Patrol M.A.R.S. you receive event reports in real time (without the need to refresh) exactly at the moment they take place. This application is an the best way to have complete control over your company’s activities 24/7 and to receive reports about the guards’ status and the areas they monitor.

TALOS application

To begin with, the TALOS application has an integrated recording system for vehicles and pedestrians for any kind of security, that was built to be fully customizable so that it meets the needs of each guarding duty.

It is also accompanied by a very user friendly interface via which the user may intervene by making the necessary changes whenever desired, giving the possibility to change any data recorded. Additionally, it is possible to extract the data in Excel form so that it can be transferred or given to the competent authorities that need it.

The TALOS application also provides:

  • An automated email system integrated in the application in a way that facilitates the user, giving him/her the possibility to choose the recipients’ emails as well as the attached document he/she wishes to include in the email.
  • Immediate alarm activation, through which the company or the guarding post are informed with a single button press, providing info such as: alarm cause and type, the moment the alarm was activated and its current status.
  • Advanced search filters with possibility of combination, providing immediate and accurate results.
  • Daily reports from guards with the possibility to extract in Word format. The guard is only required to fill the customizable data needed via the application, and the application creates a Word document with the info inserted by the guard.
  • Statistical reports concerning each guard post individually that not only include daily calculations but graphs as well.

Last but not least, the TALOS application is a reliable and modern technological tool which simplifies guarding procedures and facilitates each guard’s work.

These technological elements create a complete and efficient supervision and security mechanism for any critical situation, thus creating the conditions for minimization of its total operational cost, highlighting the value of comprehensive security approach.