Safe cities – safe neighborhood

Being fully aware of the financial difficulties nowadays, permanent guarding is a costly and inaccessible solution for a large part of citizens. For this reason, since its establishment date, ACTION ZEUS SECURITY GROUP created the patrol service combined with a cutting-edge immediate intervention service, offering our clients the ideal alternative and completely affordable solution.

We plan patrols and visits program in short but random periods, aiming to prevent any sort of malicious acts.We provide the possibility of patrols on foot or with vehicles that are fully equipped as well as motorbikes. Crime prevention is always our top priority.However, we intervene immediately, and respond efficiently in any emergency case, aiming to protect our clients and their assets in the best way possible.

Our company provides the ability of immediate patrol unit dispatch, manned by trained staff, combined with an alarm system connected to the Signal Reception Central Station (during night hours), in order to prevent any trespassing of the guarded area.