Public organizations

ACTION ZEUS SECURITY GROUP portfolio exhibits collaborations with Public Organizations, to whom we offer high standard security services, as contractors within the framework of contests, surpassing even our contractual standards.

The number of employees, our financial sufficiency, our steady course throughout the years and recommendations of Public Organizations that collaborated with us, are some of the elements that guarantee proper implementation of our contracts with a sense of reliability and responsibility.

Among the services provided, the following are included:

  • Gate services with uniformed personnel
  • Control and electronic registration of incoming and outgoing pedestrians and vehicles via the TALOS application
  • Cargo control of incoming and outgoing vehicles
  • Keeping of documents with the capacity of electronic registration
  • Patrol within – out and in the perimeter of the hotel facility with a vehicle provided by the company
  • Immediate intervention
  • Patrol on foot within the facility

Security control room