Our company capitalizes its experience in security and provides the best solutions to its clients which meet the financial aspects of the project while remaining consistent with the ISPS (International Ship and Port Facility Security) code security standards.

We are certified by the port authorities to provide port facilities services as well as:

  • We ensure fast and complete control of passengers and crew by providing cutting-edge technological systems and services, customized according to the specific characteristics of each port facility.
  • We identify in time and successfully high risk containers transferred from and to port facilities.
  • We make use of special systems, trained staff and innovative solutions.
  • We have the Port Facilities Security executive based on the SOLAS XI-2 security requirements of the ISPS International Code, Regulation (EE) 725/2005 and the law 3622/2007.
  • We apply the approved security plans for Port Facility which set for drills and ensure the participation to training sessions of local Authorities, while being responsible for revision of security evaluations and security plans.
  • We have a certified and properly trained team which enables us to be in an advantageous position to meet operational and technical requirements in any port or port facility security project.