Hotel managers must realize that apart from quality and comfort, the security standard must be permanently integrated to their operational philosophy. This demands proper planning and equipment, as well as staff of the same level. However, it is equally important as warm hospitality and immaculate service, thus we talk about five-star security level upon its realization.

Our company has successfully assumed the guarding of luxury hotels, providing integrated solutions and high quality services, aiming to serve, to protect the hotel’s assets and its clients as well as to ensure their physical integrity.

In ACTION ZEUS SECURITY GROUPwe carry out a full security study for the hotel, taking into consideration all the critical factors and its particularities.

Among the services provided, we offer:

  • Gate services with uniformed personnel
  • Control and electronic registration of incoming and outgoing pedestrians and vehicles via the TALOS application
  • Cargo control of incoming and outgoing vehicles
  • Keeping of documents with the capacity of electronic registration
  • Patrol within – out and inside the hotel facility’s with a company provided vehicle
  • Immediate intervention
  • Patrol on foot within the facility
  • Security control room

Moreover, in accordance with the decree No. 216 of the Minister of Tourism dated on 09/01/2015 which has been amended by decrees No. 19102 on 10/10/2016 and 21654 on 27/11/2017, the deadline since the last decree has been extended until the 31/12/2018. The increase of points awarded by 150 requires that the hotel must be protected by security service 24 hours a day.