Organizations operating in the energy field require a lot more than the their partners’ presence in national level, including the need for immediate response to their requirements as well as the ability of planning cutting-edge and financially competitive solutions simultaneously.

To carry out these solutions, we emphasize on:

  • The know-how we have gathered in the energy field.
  • Technologies provided by renown manufacturers
  • Providing the complete services package required (study, installation, preventive & corrective maintenance, modernization, updates).

Among the services provided, we include:

  1. The identification and control of persons and vehicles entering or exiting the facilities through the entrances/exits.
  2. The protection of the facility perimeter from possible trespass.
  3. The ability to control the circulation of assets, equipment and products within the facilities.
  4. The strict control of entrance/exit in limited access and high security level within the facility and the capacity for prevention immediately and automatically.
  5. The ability of easy and immediate search of location, circulation and activities of a person and/or vehicle in case of emergency.
  6. The integration of all security subsystems such as the Access Control, the alarm, the Fire Detection and Video Management (VMS or PSIM), for a more rapid and efficient operation as well as immediate response in case of events and alarms.