Our many years of experience in industrial facilities projects, mines, construction sites in national level, in conjunction with the constant flow of know-how from abroad concerning the technology development ensure the proper materialization of long-term and demanding contracts in the industry & construction field.

While planning a construction site’s security the following acts-procedures must be included:

  • Professional evaluation of danger
  • Procedures’ adoption
  • Electronic security systems
  • Internal controls
  • Additional measures
  • Protection of entrepreneurs and their families.

This way, we guarantee the provision of high standard services in:

  • Extended perimeter facilities
  • Production facilities
  • Storage and raw materials – products distribution areas
  • Buildings, offices control
  • Security control and access of pedestrians and vehicles
  • Accreditation of visitors by a facility’s personnel (identification for entrance license)
  • Guarding and supervision planning, especially in high risk areas
  • Definition of safety zones based on which different measures of security are activated
  • Definition of emergency security measures in case of emergency, intervention in events, response team formation in case of alarm for immediate recovery
  • Threats’ and vulnerabilities’ assessment procedures (risk evaluation) of the carrier or the facilities that is guarded.
  • Security actions scenarios in cases of various acts’ breakout
  • Building evacuation or staff removal procedures from the area under threat.